The school's profile

Politically, ideologically and religiously independent. Teamwork and enthusiasm. Studio habit and rising rock stars. Music and poetry. Motion pictures. Living people. Tradition and education meet exploratory yearning for new forms of living. Health and IT. Good food. Social and environmental issues. Theme work and core subjects. Qualifications. International awareness. Halls of residence with rooms for 180 students. A multicultural rendezvous for knowledge and arts.


  • The school is politically and religiously unaffiliated
  • You can study general subjects and profile courses up to three year's time.
  • The duration of the tuition is 38 weeks from the end of August to the start of June.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • The school is a boarding school with 180 single rooms.
  • You have access to the library, computers, video and other equipment both day and night and on weekends.