Welcome to Fridhems folk high school!

Welcome to Fridhems folk high school!

Thousands of people have already studied at our folk high school – now it’s your turn

Do you want to engage in things you are passionate about? Do you dream about a meaningful profession? Are you yearning for a change of career path?

At Fridhem's Folk High School we have an environment that encourages and stimulates creativity, innovative thinking and motivation. An environment that helps you shape your future regardless of whether you wish to try out different things or already know what you want. The school's Halls of Residence gives you a unique opportunity to start over and find your way to your future. Over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the country's leading folk high schools within the arts. The success of former participants speaks for itself: The Music Course supplies the music colleges with participants year after year. The partakers of the Theatre Course pass auditions and get accepted to acting programs all over Sweden. Numerous debuting writers have attended the Writing Course at Fridhem's Folk High School. The Film Course remains on top amongst the country's film schools. And the participants from the profile courses seize places at universities, colleges and job preparatory folk high schools to realize their innermost dreams.

At our school, you can choose to study one of our profile courses or arts courses. An arts course is suited for those of you that seek deeper knowledge within a certain area of the arts. You devote yourself to music, theatre, film or literary writing full-time. At our profile courses, you read up on qualifications for further study. Simultaneously, you will be engaging yourself in any of the following profile courses: Cross Media Design, Photography, College Preparatory, International or Painting and Visual Language.

During summer, our school transforms to a sizeable arena for popular adult education. You can choose from over 60 courses that all take place during 7 intensive weeks. Anything from a writing course to an introduction to felting. Informative days are mixed up with entertaining nights. Come and develop yourself at Fridhem's Folk High School. Your development is as important to us as it is to you.